Tweet Beat/Twitter Music is SigMusic's project for 2012. We have a puredata instrument controlled by tweets. The first portion of the program reads in tweets and analyzes them for mood, etc. This is then handed off to a melody generator, which generates unique melodies based off the mood, and slowly changes over time. The data is then sent to a PureData instrument, as well as a webserver to display on a webpage.

Currently, Twitter Music does not have a webpage - We are working towards assembling all of our code into a single Node.js package suitable for deployment on AWS, to create a "Twitter Radio" of sorts. More details later. Twitter Music did however make it's debut at Engineering Open House 2012, however could not be kept running after the even was over.

My role in this project was quite a bit less than other projects. As the head of SigMusic, I organized weekly meetings, and acted as project supervisor. However, other than some of the PureData code and misc. other parts, the vast majority of the work was done by the rest of the team, Jake McGinty, Scott Walters, Alex Hendrix, Joel Spadin, and many others.